About Innergy Factory

Innergy Factory was founded by Lars Rohde in 2002 and since then we have delivered our services to more than 20.000 people all around the world.


At Innergy Factory we believe, that we all have much more resources and energy than we bring into play in our daily life. We are here to help you identify your talent and strengths for you to reach the full potential.

Whether we help you perform individually or in teams our approach is the same. We always have a deep respect for you and your personal values and it is important to us that your uniqueness and authenticity stay intact. We are direct in our communication and always constructive and result oriented. We are with you in the entire process from identifying your challenges to finding the solutions and helping you implement the changes.

All our services are based on the knowledge and experience, we have from coaching and advising our clients and customers from all over the world.