A personal development process at Innergy, is a tailored process where we based on your situation, use tools as coaching, advisory, mentoring or specific training, to achieve the goal or results you want.

Cohesive teams

With more than 15 years of experience developing cohesive teams, we know that it requires hard work to develop and maintain, well-functioning and motivated teams. Read more here about how we will tailor a solution, that fit your team needs.

The right match

The right match

Simple, Transparent and Fast. 
We know that a recruiting process only is successful, if all participants feel that they benefit from participating.
We will always focus on our clients business and the candidates work life, and therefore we want to be the trusted advisor for both parties in the process.


Simple, Transparent and Fast

Spotting talent

When we make leader, salespeople, specialist or teams assessments, we always use either a behavioral profile or a psychological test, followed up with an interview and a feedback session.